Sunday 29 May 2016

Susan Fassbender & Kay Russell - Building A Dream (The Demo Collection Volume 2) - released June 17th 2016


Building A Dream follows up the highly successful 2012 release Twilight Café - (The Demo Collection 1981-1985) which received glowing reviews in Record Collector magazine and on Pennyblackmusic (‘‘one of the best collections of songs you will hear all year’’).

This new release brings together further recordings by Susan Fassbender and Kay Russell including demos remastered from cassette as well as some vinyl tracks.

In addition to this second volume of studio performances, June 17th also sees the release of a 10 track live album, recorded in 1981. Once again, these recordings are released with approval of both the Fassbender family and Kay Russell.

Gabriella Baggio writes:

I remember when my sisters, my dad and I went to visit Kay in Castleford. I was about 14 at the time and we sat in Kay’s living room watching VHS tapes of Fassbender-Russell television footage. It was amazing to see our mother, Susan Fassbender, and Kay Russell in action with such energy on stage as we laughed and sang along to their hit, Twilight Café. They were such a talented pair and I began to wonder about how much music they must have written and recorded that perhaps would never be heard again.

Ten years later, The Demo Collection was released – a 20 track album containing 16 tracks I had never heard. It brought me great pleasure to hear the fruit of my mother’s talent and creativity, something I never thought would happen.

I was in disbelief when Platform Records got in touch again to say that they would like to release a further two albums in 2016. I was elated at the prospect of hearing more music and couldn’t wait to listen. It is a blessing and a huge privilege to be able to hear more of my late mother’s work, and for the possibility of hearing her voice whenever I like. It gives me enormous pride to present two fantastic, digitally remastered albums, which showcase the incredibly diverse range of talent and genres that Susan Fassbender and Kay Russell experimented with in the early 80s. Thank you to Platform Records for making this possible and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Listen to 'Sky Flier'

Kay Russell (aka Kay Brown) recalls her partnership with Susan:

I met Susan Fassbender by chance in 1980. She wanted me to hear her play the piano. I was interested, as I could only play guitar. She astonished me with her ability.
We decided to write songs together. At first, there were only the two of us, composing. I took her to a music shop to try out a synthesizer, whilst I played guitar. A man walked in and listened. He became our first manager. He found us three places to rehearse.
Our manager brought in a team of salesmen. They didn't like what we were playing, because it was too 'heavy metal' sounding. So we played them 'Twilight Cafe'. It was released on vinyl, and charted, to an extent.
We undertook a short tour of the U.K, with some media appearances in Europe. The best recording studio we used was called 'Farmyard', and the producer was Mike Howlett. Two singles followed, but were not as successful.
We had written a full album of songs, but the recording contract was cancelled. The band split up, after which Susan and I got married to our boyfriends and had children. But we did continue to compose together until Susan died at a young age. I shall never forget this immensely talented person. And I don't think others will either.
It is thanks to Platform Records that the remaining songs are being given a digital release.
Building A Dream (The Demo Collection Volume 2) and Live in Concert (1981) by Susan Fassbender & Kay Russell, are released on Platform Records - June 17th 2016. Available from all major download outlets.

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Sound processing, mastering, track compilation and packshot design by Ewan McKenzie. With thanks to Kay Russell and the Baggio family.

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